Did you miss the opportunity to bank your child's cord blood or cord tissue? 
Great news! 

Securacell has partnered with Tooth Bank to offer families a 2nd chance for stem cell banking from baby, wisdom or any healthy extracted teeth. 

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Dental Stem Cell Banking is a 2nd opportunity for families to bank Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Similar to Cord Tissue Banking, these stem cells are easily replicated and can be used multiple times. 

These stem cells are being used for current and future treatment of several debilitating disease, some of which include:

  •  Type 1 Diabetes                                              Parkinson's Disease
  •  Alzheimer's Disease                                    Autism
  •  Heart Disease                                                   Muscular Dystrophy
  •  Multiple Sclerosis                                          Arthritis
  •  Bone Regeneration                                     Back Pain
  • Many More.....
Benefit #1: Mesenchymal stem cells are being used for regenerative medicine
Mesenchymal stem cells are being used in multiple trials to treat hundreds of diseases,
Benefit #2: Best Value Guarantee in the Industry 
We provide the best dental stem cell storage in the industry at the most affordable price, so that each and every family can take advantage of advancements in medicine. 
Benefit #3: Free Stem Cell Expansion ($1,500 Value)
When your stem cells are needed we will happily expand or grow your stem cells based on the current FDA guidelines. We are the only company to offer this service. 

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